WIFI App control wall ductless positive pressure home ventilation system

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150m³/h positive pressure unidirectional air system, with high cost performance and small size advantages.  For bedrooms and small Spaces, we can choose it stoutly, and it also has the function of internal circulation, which is a lot of one-way flow air systems do not have the function, one device, two modes of use.

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Product Introduction

The Smart Air Purification ventilation is equipped with a child lock feature, ensuring the safety of little ones. Low noise operation,noise can often be a concern when it comes to ventilation systems. Thanks to the high-quality DC motor, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment.

DC motor, not only enhances its energy efficiency but also delivers consistent and reliable performance. The DC motor provides efficient airflow while consuming minimal energy, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

With its H13 filter, this air purifier effectively captures and removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, allergens, pet dander, and even harmful bacteria and viruses.

The indoor air is circulating purification by the ERV and sent clean air into the room. The outdoor air is sent into the room after multiple filtration through the ERV machine.

Wall mounted mode, save floor space.

Smarter controls :including touch screen control、Wifi remote control、Remote control (optional)

The Smart Running Air Purifier is equipped with UV sterilization technology.

Product Details

✔ Intelligent operation
✔ Safety locks
✔ H13 filters
✔ Shallow noise
✔ DC brushless motor

✔  Multiple modes
✔ Filter PM2.5 particles
✔ Energy Conservation
✔ Micro positive pressure ventilation
✔ UV sterilization(optional)

3-DC motor

Brushless DC Motor
The brushless motor adopts high-precision steering gear because of the great power and high durability of the machine and maintain it's fast rotation speed and low consumption.

Multiple Filtration
There are filter of primary, medium-efficiency and H13 high-efficiency, and optional UV sterilization module for the device.

4-Purification screen

Multiple Running Modes
Indoor air purification mode, outdoor air purification mode, intelligent mode.
Indoor air purification mode: The indoor air is cycling purified by the device and sent into the room.
Outdoor air purification mode: purify outdoor input air, and send into the room.

Product Description

Installed on side and back sides is optional
Both sides and backs can be installed with holes, regardless of room type.
Three kinds of Control Modes
Touch panel control + APP control +remote control(optional), multiple functions mode, easy to operate.
High-efficiency H13 filter element
DC brushless fan and motor
Enthalpy Exchanger
Middle efficiency filter
Primary filter

7-ERV control
7-ERV sizes
8-ERV details

Product Description

Product Model Air Flow (m3/h) Power (W)  Weight (Kg) Pipe Size (mm) Product Size (mm)
YFSW-150(A1-1D2)  150 32 11 Φ75 380*280*753

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