Yinchuan High-End Residence

Indoor climate regulation system high-end residential project case

IGUICOO supplies indoor climate regulation system products to some residential to improve the indoor living comfort, such as heat recovery ventilation, energy recovery ventilation, fresh air purification ventilation systems.There’re some project cases for your reference. If you have any project about fresh air system,feel free to contact us for your perfect solutions.

Project name: Yinchuan Xi Yuntai High-end residence

Application project introduction:
Indoor climate regulation system integrated fresh air + purification + humidification +air conditioning, create a comfortable and healthy life with constant temperature, humidity, cleanliness and oxygen enrichment.

Project proposal

Xi Yuntai has a planned land area of 350,000㎡, a construction area of 1060000㎡, a green rate of 35% and a plot ratio of 3.0. Located in the living circle of Haibao Park, it is a high-end project integrating living, leisure, shopping and office. Adhering to the business philosophy of "always loyal to customers", the real estate company has continuously explored in the process of real estate development, and applied ten intelligent technologies in the Xiyuntai project, integrating ten new green and energy-saving technologies such as rubber mat isolation technology, replacement fresh air system, drainage system of the same floor, outer sunshade rolling screen technology, Low-E insulating glass technology, sewage source heat pump technology, etc. Intelligent technology as a healthy and comfortable "green living" environment.

Xi Yuewan Demonstration room

Project name: Yinchuan Xi Yuewan High-end residence

Application project introduction:
The project is located in Yuehai Section of Jinfeng District, which is the "new core" of the city built by the government. It is a high-quality and comfortable residence in Ningxia built in the north of the city. The project has 15 residential buildings.all use IGUICOO indoor climate regulation system.

The people who live here no longer have to worry about the annual dust season. With the Windows closed, you can also enjoy the living environment of free clean breathing.


Project name: Xining Dongfangyunshu High-end residence

Application project introduction:
Dongfang Yunshu project is located in a 2,600-meter plateau area, and the lack of oxygen content will affect the sleep, work and study of local residents, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases, who often need to go to the hospital to buy oxygen.
IGUICOO indoor climate regulation system adopts fresh air purification + preheating + central humidification system + central oxygen system, equipped with IGUICOO intelligent large-screen control system, to achieve cosy temperature, cosy oxygen and cosy clean, cosy humidity and cosy static and cosy wisdom of "Six Cosy" beautiful and comfortable life.