Xining Lanyun High-End Residence

Pleasant indoor climate regulation system for Xining Lanyun High-end residence

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Project name: Xining Lanyun High-end residence

Model room picture -living room

Application Project Introduction:

Located in Xining City, the LanYun residential district, by the domestic well-known landscape design company and Zhongfang company, carefully designed for 230 residents to create a plateau high-end ecological residential mansion.

Xining City is located in northwest China, is the eastern gateway of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the ancient "Silk Road" south Road and "Tangbo Road" through the place, is one of the world's high-altitude cities. Xining City is a continental plateau semi-arid climate, the annual average sunshine is 1939.7 hours, the annual average temperature of 7.6℃, the highest temperature of 34.6℃, the lowest temperature of minus 18.9℃, belongs to the plateau alpine cold temperature climate. The average temperature in summer is 17~19℃, the climate is pleasant, and it is a summer resort.

In view of the local climate conditions and the positioning and characteristics of the Zhongfang company, IGUICOO proposes a total solution of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant net and constant oxygen. This scheme can bring the most comfortable residential experience to the user. Especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children, the indoor oxygen-rich environment can reduce the probability of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly and improve the learning efficiency of children.
The system is composed of ERV with preheating function, central humidifier, central oxygen generator and intelligent controller.We can match the indoor climate regulation system to customer's budget.The functional operation and display of each module are all concentrated on one controller, which truly realizes one-click control.


Besides intelligent controller,for a more intelligent control indoor climate regulation system, we also support remote control systems.


After-sales service:

For our valued client, IGUICOO has sent a professional service team to explain the scientific use of the product to the community owners. To effectively provide customers with effective service support.



In the future, we will establish a more comprehensive and more intimate service system, so that customers are satisfied with our products and our services.