Ceiling mounted Electric heating fresh air ventilator for home

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The electric auxiliary heating fresh air ventilator can heat the fresh air entering the room, providing us with a warm, comfortable, and fresh room even in cold winter, especially suitable for areas with colder winters

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Product Introduction

The electric auxiliary heating fresh air ventilation system utilizes the latest PTC electric auxiliary heating technology, which enables the ERV to quickly heat the air at the inlet after being powered on, thereby quickly increasing the temperature of the inlet. At the same time, it has an internal circulation function, which can circulate and purify indoor air, improve air quality. The electric auxiliary heating fresh air ventilation system is equipped with 2 pcs primary filters +1 pcs H12 filters. If your project has special needs, we can also discuss customizing other material filters with you.

Product Features

Airflow : 200-500m³/h
Model: RFHC A1 series
1、Outdoor input air purification +Humidity and temperature exchange and recovery
2、Airflow: 200-500 m³/h
3、Enthalpy exchanger
4、Filter: G4 washable primary filter +Hepa12 filter
5、Bottom opening maintenance
6、Electric heating function

Application Scenarios


Private Residence






Commercial Building

Product Parameter

Model RFHC-020(A1-1D2) RFHC-025(A1-1D2) RFHC-030(A1-1D2) RFHC-040(A1-1D2) RFHC-050(A1-1D2)
Rated airflow 200m³/h 250m³/h 300m³/h 400m³/h 500m³/h
Rated E.S.P 100(200) Pa 100(200) Pa 100(200) Pa 100(160) Pa 100Pa
Temp.Eff 75-83% 73-82% 74-81% 72-80% 72-80%
Noise 34dB(A) 36dB(A) 39dB(A) 42dB(A) 44dB(A)
Volt 110~210-240V/Hz 110~210-240V/Hz 110~210-240V/Hz 110~210-240V/Hz 110~210-240V/Hz
Power 100W+(500W*2) 115W+(500W*2) 140W+(500W*2) 180W+(500W*2) 220W+(500W*2)
N.W 40KG 40KG 40KG 45KG 45KG
Size 86*86*27cm 86*86*27cm 86*86*27cm 96*86*29cm 96*86*29cm
Connection Size φ160mm φ160mm φ200mm φ200mm φ200mm



Standard ventilation model:

Outdoor fresh air path : outdoor air supply inlet → Primary filter → Heat exchange core → High-efficiency filter → Indoor air outlet

Exhaust air path: indoor return air inlet → heat exchange core → exhaust air outlet

Internal circulation model:
①Air circulation path:

幻灯片 1

Air volume-static pressure curve :

250 Air volume static pressure curve
300 Air volume static pressure curve

Product Details

PTC heating

• PTC electric thermal function, cold winter can also have warm fresh air


•The purification efficiency of PM2.5 particles is as high as 99.9%

•Washable modified membrane enthalpy exchange core to recover heat and humidity.Selective molecular osmosis,Effective air exchange rate above 98%.It has good performance,flame retardant, antibacterial ,mildew resistance and a long life of 3-10 years.

Enthalpy exchange principle

•Graphene material,the heat recovery efficiency is up to more than 80%.It can exchange energy from the exhausted air of commercial building and residential, to reduce air energy loss input the room. In the summer season, the system precools and dehumidifies the fresh air, humidify and preheat in the winter season. 

DC motor-1
DC motor-2

DC motor :
Higher Energy Efficiency and Ecology by more powerful motors
The high-efficiency brushless DC motor is built into the smart energy recovery ventilator, which can reduce the power consumption by 70% and obvious energy saving effect.


Smarter control:Tuya APP+Intelligent controller :
Temperature display to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature constantly
Power to auto restart allow ventilator recover automatically from power cut down CO2 concentration control
RS485 connectors available for BMS central control
Filter alarm to remind user cleaning the filter in time
Working status and fault display Tuya APP control

Why Choose Us

Installation and pipe layout diagram :
We can provide pipe layout design according to your client's house design draft.

Layout diagram

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